Dark Heart of Ohio OH-010-D

The Columbus Chapter of the Mind's Eye Society

Welcome to the Columbus OH Domain of the Mind's Eye Society - A Camarilla Fan Club!

The Dark Heart of Ohio was founded over 15 years ago to bring people together in the spirit of community and the common interest of gaming, and interest in the World of Darkness from The Onyx Path (formerly White-Wolf Publishing aka CCP | North America).  After a recess, the Dark Heart group was re-chartered with new faces and new games.

We at Dark Heart use LARP (or Live Action Role Play) as our gaming medium, and play several games throughout the month.  Hosting Vampire the Requiem & and Mage the Awakening, we enter into the World of Darkness for a break from reality into another version of Columbus where the things that "go bump in the night" are as real as the streets we drive on.

To the left, you will see links that will help inform you about our Domain, news, in-character information, game dates, contact information on how to be involved, as well as resource documents.

Don't be shy about emailing us with questions.  We are here to have a good time, and you are welcome to be involved.... we'd love to have you.  (Must be 18 years of age or older to join)